Your Lash.  Your Choice

Styled for you


Classic Lash Extensions

An enhancement.  If you have good lashes and want to live free from mascara and feel more groomed, this is your lash.  If you want something more natural to get you tarted on you lash journey look no further.  This is a great choice and it doesnt have to be natural it can be dramatic.  ONE lash to everyone of your lashes.  Bottom lashes available.


Volume Lash Extensions

FULL SET £190 /  INFILL £150

Are you a fan of the fan?  I make fans and apply to your natural lashes between 3- 7 of the lightest weight silk lashes.  This can make various looks, either full on glamour or just adding volume where you done have it.  The idea is that you choose your desired effect and I use the techinique as Russian Volume to create any length you desire and any thickness. You may choose to add bottom lashes too!


Luxe Strip Lashes


Made of the same silk that I use in my individual lashes. They're soft and pliable with a choice of a dark band or invisible band.  I have incorporated many different styles that compliment most eye shapes. My lashes have been used on many TV productions, photo shoots .The collection can be found at The W to purchase.

FULL SET  £150 /  INFILL £120



What lashes does Elizabeth use?


I use my own brand of lightweight Premium Silk Lashes. They are super soft and I use various thicknesses and lengths to suit the look we are trying to achieve.  It is my absolute priority to preserve natural lashes.


How long does the application take?

Full sets will take approx 2 hours including a short consultation.  Infills will take between 1- 1 1/2 hours.  It will be pain free and you may even fall asleep.  It should be relaxing!

How long do they last?

Full sets will stay on for approx 4 weeks. in this time you will notice that you are losing extensions so book in for a top up/infill appointment at 2-3 weeks so they stay looking fresh.  You must follow the aftercare to give your lashes the best chance of lasting well. 

How do I look after my lash extensions?

You must avoid steam rooms, saunas, hot steamy long baths or showers.  You do not have to keep them dry for 24 hours as lash glue cures it does not dry.  This means it hardens when it attaches itself to your lashes.  You may have a spray tan straight after your lashes as anything that settles on the lashes may be washed away almost immediately.  Oily products in the eye are are not recommended consider any serums or night creams.  Brush once a day and keep lashes clean with a little baby shampoo wash from time to time.

Will lash extensions damage my lashes?


Only if you wear lashes repeatedly for and extended period of time with no break.  You will also have damage if you wear lashes that are too long for your natural lashes.  I will be advising when breaks need to be taken and looking after your lashes like they are my own.


Will I be allergic to the glue?


We will patch test you 24/48 hours before your treatment.  If OK then we will go ahead with your extensions.  If you have been allergic previously then you may want to try again with a patch test using my hypoallergenic next generation glue.